2023 Graduation at Lake Superior High School Highlights Students' Determination Despite Covid

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Kim Krause
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2023 Graduation at Lake Superior High School Highlights Students' Determination Despite Covid

This years 2023 Lake Superior High School graduation ceremony took on a slightly different tone than the previous years. All the graduates had started high school prior to the outbreak of COVID in 2020 and were taken out of school before their first year ended.

For the next 2 years they experienced a very different and sometimes difficult school life unlike any students before them. They spent grade 10 and 11 learning from home. They were the first generation of students to grow up without socializing or sports activities. Isolated from their friends, they learned to adapt to a new way of learning. 

Last year's graduating class were fortunate to attend an actual real world graduation ceremony, meeting up in person after 2 years of separation. It felt like the world had become “normal” once again.

There were 17 graduates at this years event, that was a bit more formal compared to the previous year. There would be no drive-by event or beach front meet and greet this year, however. Organizers wanted to focus on a more traditional approach as the graduation dance had already occurred one week earlier.

The students arrived and continued up to the stage where they would receive their certificates and bursaries. Many individuals as well as local businesses and other organizations contribute to the bursaries. Principal Chris Martin welcomed the students and gave them one last bit of advice on their new academic lives and wished them all the best of success.

There was another little twist in this years celebration. Grace Molinski and Julianne Speziale were both chosen as valedictorians and told their story of how challenging the past few years had been with a humourous twist thrown in to lighten the mood. Graduates were then asked to gather outside for photos with family and friends.


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Video Upload Date: July 13, 2023

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