Canada Day Celebrations in Schreiber

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Kim Krause
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Canada Day Celebrations in Schreiber

Schreiber residents came out in force to partake in the 2022 Canada Day events.

There had not been any outdoor gatherings for the last 2 years due to the COVID restrictions, but that all fell away this Canada Day. The beautiful weather helped to get people out and within minutes the Schreiber Ball field was packed with people and families excited to finally get together in this outdoor setting.

Various committees and volunteer groups helped to organize the event with the senior centre taking over the majority of tasks. The celebrations kicked off with special presentation by two elders of the Pays Plat community. Raymond Goodchild spoke to the audience about the importance of all Canadians working together to create a better country for all its citizens. The message of inclusion was followed by a performance by Raymond and Gilbert Martin. The pair also had a table set up where people could come and  learn about the Anishinaabe culture. The seniors had their delicious outdoor barbeque set up and running. Bingo was of course another must attend event. Schreiber residents love bingo and soon the tents were packed with players all trying to win the prizes on offer.

The traditional Canada day cake was then presented and cut by councillor Dan Mcgrath. Outside the tents, there were even more things to do. A kids fish pond and a bocci ball court had been set up and was well attended. Only two people took part in the soap box derby. Usually up to ten people have entered in the past but there seemed to be less interest this year.

One event that had been resurrected from the past was the bed race. In the years before as many as ten beds were racing against each other but again only one group had entered.

Schreiber Media Centre journalist Kim Krause was persuaded to take part and documented his experience rolling down the hill in a modified brass bed. The event also served as the preview for the upcoming Heritage Days celebrations.


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Video Upload Date: July 8, 2022

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