Filling Historical Gaps and Validating Overlooked Stories in Mainstream Education With Kurtis Brooks

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Filling Historical Gaps and Validating Overlooked Stories in Mainstream Education With Kurtis Brooks

Kurtis Brooks, a cultural anthropologist, discusses the intertwining of Indigenous identity with the struggle for recognition and cultural preservation. In an interview, Brooks shares insights from his experiences and work, highlighting efforts in cultural revitalization and legal battles for land rights. His journey began in Nova Scotia, where he founded the Black Phoenix community to unite native and Black populations.

Brooks explains, "Our history often leaves out significant contributions from people who look like us. My work has always focused on addressing these gaps and building from historically created issues." His book, "We the Long," explores Black Indigenous history in Canada. "The book was inspired by my cousin's question about our specific origins. I realized I couldn't find a definitive answer in existing literature, so I took on the project myself," he shares.

Brooks emphasizes the importance of understanding heritage: "It's crucial to promote our culture so that questions like 'Where are you really from?' don't arise as often." He highlights the enriching impact of his journey, noting, "Many elders have thanked me for filling in historical blanks, validating the research and the stories we often miss in mainstream education."


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Video Upload Date: June 19, 2024

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