Local Artist picked for Art Mural project

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katy speziale, evan cole, kim krause
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Local Artist picked for Art Mural project

The mural project in Schreiber Ontario is being done by recruiting several local artists to showcase their artwork among the township of Schreiber. The project is meant to portray the artwork of local Canadian artists, which were chosen based on the North Shore theme. The work was placed on business walls all around town.

Katy Speziale started painting at the age of thirteen years old. Now she is participating in this project thirteen years later, and took time to speak to Evan Cole about just how important these installations are. Katy was born in Schreiber, so when she thought about the beautiful scenery in town she instantly knew exactly the location where she wanted to base her artwork off of. She claims the project has beneficially affected the town and has helped Schreiber in its process of beautification. Katy’s uncle allowed her piece to be hung at his store, Cebrarios Hardware.

One of her main hopes for the project is to attract tourists that will want to come and see all the artist's wonderful creations. Each mural also has a QR code that is located on the bottom of the paintings that will take you to a website where you can find a map of where all the other pieces are located and a short description of each painting. The project is still ongoing and it is hoped more artists will come forward with their pieces and be a part of spreading the local beauty in Schreiber Ontario. 

The municipality managed to stay within their budget of $10,000 for the reproduction and installation of the artworks and were grateful to the businesses of Schreiber that offered places to hang the pieces.

Madeline Ford


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Video Upload Date: December 5, 2021

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