Math Education in Public Schools

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Kim Krause, TBS News
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Math Education in Public Schools

The Schreiber Public Library’s “Read The News” programme continues to gather interest. Often people think it must be easy to simply sit and read the newspaper aloud but it takes a certain set of skills and these need to be developed over time. As part of its training programme to get people interested in thinking about journalism as a career choice, the Schreiber Media Centre is continuing to produce a weekly series when there is merit in the content of the local newspaper.

Stories have been far and few of late and there is a definite need to recruit people into the world of journalism. The Terrace Bay newspaper has limited resources and getting people to voluntarily contribute is an ongoing problem. While there is a steady stream of regular viewers accessing some content there are quite frankly days and even weeks where there are barely enough stories to fill two pages. Often the content included is already days old and the editor can only a lot so many hours to writing as he must attend to the production tasks necessary in order to get the issues out once a week. 

These serves to highlight the need to become more involved in reporting and contributing to local news in rural areas. There are stories to be found but lack of resources (re:money) makes it difficult to expand and report in a timely fashion, a scenario that the Schreiber Media Centre is all too aware of as it too faces similar challenges.

Undaunted, this weeks issue focused on math education in public schools. One teacher has been coming up with creative ideas to stimulate kids minds by focusing on displaying math problems and solutions on walls in the classroom with the hope that students will interact with the displays in order to boost their interest in math.

MP for Thunder Bay Superior North Patty Hajdu’s column continues to be well received and this issue she has contributed a story about the hard fought battle of women to retain the right of ownership over their own bodies. She is also the Minister of Indigenous Services. In light of the recent ruling in the United States it is more important than ever that Canadians support the rights of women to determine their own reproductive rights.


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Video Upload Date: June 20, 2022

Schreiber Community Media is a non profit organization established with the aim of providing media production services and training for the residents of Schreiber and surrounding areas.  Schreiber is located on the north shore of Lake Superior approximately two hours east of Thunder Bay. 

The Schreiber Media Centre is locating in the Schreiber Public Library and includes tools for  recording, live streaming and post production of audio and video. 

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