"Read the News" - Provincial Government Releases 2022 Budget

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Kim Krause, TBS News
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"Read the News" - Provincial Government Releases 2022 Budget

The Schreiber Media Centre has been producing the video version of the Schreiber Terrace Bay newspaper since it partnered with the library as part of its “Read The News” program. The program encourages residents to partake in reading stories and promotes the importance of community journalism in rural areas. Currently the newspaper is limited to around 8 pages per week of which half are ads for products or services and this reflects the need for more community involvement in reporting stories. The community calendar section was reintroduced last month and there has been an increased input of content on that page. Information regarding local events can be found on that page and it is also a free service that any community organization can take advantage of to promote their events. The other portion of the program that has garnered a lot of interest amongst residents is the archive articles from past stories.

Community newspapers survive on advertising and often there is a fine line between what is advertising and what is information that is important to communities. One example would be this week's front page story in the Terrace Bay Schreiber newspaper.  Today's headline story  is a news release from the provincial government about this years budget. On the surface it contains a lot of information about what the province plans to spend money on this year, but a more cynical eye might observe how the wording is really a promotional blurb for the Ontario PC party.  When assembling a newspaper it can be often difficult to determine what the headline story should be. Schreiber Media Centre chose the budget story as its headline, though with reservations outlined previously in this paragraph.

The other major story in this week's edition is about the increased funding for the local hospital but it gets pushed aside in favour of the budget story. Again these decisions come down to the editor. The other portion of the program that has garnered a lot of interest amongst residents is the archive articles from past stories. This week the front page of the May 2000 edition featured a story of local boxing Olympian Domenic Filane and he reports on his return to Schreiber after retiring from the sport.


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Video Upload Date: May 23, 2022

Schreiber Community Media is a non profit organization established with the aim of providing media production services and training for the residents of Schreiber and surrounding areas.  Schreiber is located on the north shore of Lake Superior approximately two hours east of Thunder Bay. 

The Schreiber Media Centre is locating in the Schreiber Public Library and includes tools for  recording, live streaming and post production of audio and video. 

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