Schreiber CAO's last Council Meeting

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TWSP Schreiber, Kim Krause
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Schreiber CAO's last Council Meeting

Schreiber council took a break in August and is now back in session with their first meeting for September. 

Outgoing CAO Nathan Dias has accepted a job offer elsewhere and will be leaving his position before the end of September. Rosalie Evans will assume the role on a contract basis until a replacement is found.

The Treasurer's report gave an update to council on the budget variance since last year. A brief  discussion with the treasurer ensued. 

The Director of Operation's report is always quite long as it covers the day-to-day operations of the department. Tammy Ibey gave a summary on the last quarter and highlighted water concerns and repairs. As winter approaches, preparations are underway to ensure that workers will be ready when the snow falls. The Medical centre grounds clean-up has been completed. The outdoor washrooms at the splash pad will be closed for the winter as well as the winterizing of the splash pad. Pest control will be undertaken in the fall as the town still battles with pigeons at locations such as the Discovery centre. Mayor Mullins praised the workers involved in the repairs and rebooting of the water plant during a recent electrical storm. Replacement parts for the water plant repairs were also approved, along with costs associated with trimming and tree removal at the cemetery and the cenotaph.

The Bylaw officers' report focused on recent events of vandalism in town. Bored youths are the alleged main culprits and camera surveillance has been installed. 

The Recreation and Festivals committee report was presented and one concern seemed to be determining how long certain events should go on and what events are no longer worth organizing. Room 124 at the municipal centre is being repurposed to allow for better use. There will be a dance studio programme starting up once the room has been upgraded. 

Under Communications, there was an update on the Great Lakes cruise ship schedule for next year. Rossport has been earmarked as a stop-over location for the cruises once the new programme schedule has been set. Tourism will also include hikes and trails along the north shore. Housing issues were also brought up briefly with a focus on low cost entry level dwellings. The Christmas Social event is still being planned with dates and menu being decided. 

The waste water upgrades were then brought forward. The total cost of the upgrades could reach nearly one million dollars and it is hoped a large majority of the funding will be covered by grants. The project will need to be completed by the end of 2024. Remaining costs will have to be covered by the municipality. 

Finally the mayor and council took time to thank outgoing CAO Nathan Dias for his outstanding contribution to the community as he steps down to pursue a new career in Southern Ontario. During his tenure, many major projects were started or finalized while he was the Economic Development Officer and then moved into the role of CAO. 

Other developments included:

  • A motion to support concerns over rising municipal insurance costs was brought forward and carried. Many municipalities have seen their insurance costs skyrocket up to 40% over the past few years.
  • A $500 donation to the Terrace Bay Lighthouse festival was approved.
  • The issue of property tax write-offs for the term closing in July was brought up.
  • A quotation for a new municipal works truck was approved. The old truck from the fire department will be sold.
  • The Schreiber cemetery bylaw, intended to manage the operations of the cemetery, was given final reading and was enacted.
  • The updated contract for heating maintenance for municipal buildings and repairs had been awarded to Clow Darling. There was a cost savings after the work was completed which meant the old contract had to be reworked.
  • An agreement with FED NOR for funding to develop a strategic plan was approved. No details were given at this time.
  • An agreement with OACAO was discussed, which will help provide funding to seniors programmes through an information fair. 

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Video Upload Date: September 14, 2023

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