Schreiber council fine tuning non essential items from budget.

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TWSP Schreiber, Kim Krause
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Schreiber council fine tuning non essential items from budget.

The last meeting in June for the Schreiber Council would focus primarily on budget issues and opened with the now standard land acknowledgment. The minutes of the previous meetings were adopted and carried. 
The first item of business was the leasing of a new postage machine for the next 5 years. 
There were some change orders regarding the extra costs incurred during the recent Ontario street reline project. These items had not been considered initially and only became apparent once the work had started and digging had revealed further problems. There was also a credit involved for work that was not needed on the project.
The Cooks lake dam repair quote was received and accepted. The same company, Vector construction, would also be undertaking the repairs to the steps and walkway at the library.
The Joint Health and Safety committee initiative was approved. Details were not discussed.
The township agreed to become a member and participate in the newly reformed Aguasabon Chamber of Commerce. This will provide more opportunities for economic development.
A donation of t-shirt and hat will be given to the annual fish derby as a prize.

Other Business opened with the revised cemetery bylaw and was explained in brief by CAO Nathan Dias. The revised terms will be made available to the public.
The Treasurers report focussed on excluded items which have now been removed from the initial budget due to cost overruns in other areas. In a previous meeting there was a wish list of items hoping to be included but some had to be removed.
A bylaw to accept the changes to this years finalized budget and new terms was approved. A Special council meeting was held which breaks down some of the costs and their impact.
The bylaw to establish tax rates was the final part of the budget preparation and can now go ahead as planned.
The land use bylaw has gone through many changes and is also part of the household property maintenance bylaw. It has never been brought before the public for input and remains controversial.
The bylaw to amend the existing bylaw that had forced municipalities to remit profits from tax sales was concluded and accepted. 
A lease agreement between the township and the Thunder Bay district services board has been extended. Currently the DSAB is in the municipal building and this will extend their stay for 3 more years 
A License agreement between Schreiber and the Superior North CFDC will  have access to the  multi use room in the municipal complex.
Funding from the NOHFC will allow the municipality to hire an intern for up to 1 year. The position will be offered to the former temp replacement for the Rec Department and will be an office position.
The Canada Day celebration schedule has been approved just days ahead of the actual event.
A resolution to allow temporary road closures during Canada Day was approved.
Another road closure will occur later in the month during heritage days.

Director of Operations submitted a status report highlighting the water line flushing and the line painting for the roads. The library washroom doorway of the back washroom needs to be redone. The Discovery centre also needs a larger door size to accommodate wheelchair access. There was a discussion around how the costs would be covered.
Finance report focussed on the strategic plan and funding.
The Library Board Meeting minutes were presented.
The OCWA water report was presented and accepted.
Under Communications, there was a request for support for the specialized shopping carts for the grocery stores. One cart will be stationed at the Schreiber store and the other in Terrace Bay. 
Unfinished Business pertained to the finalized work involved in the relining project down Ontario Street.
Attendance at the AMO conference will be shifted.
The Schreiber Arena Project is being finalized and was hoped to be completed before the season. If there are any delays in starting the repairs, the work could be postponed until next year. The recommendation is to wait until next year and complete everything in one shot. 
A memorandum of agreement between Schreiber and Parks Canada has been drafted and will be presented at the next meeting.
An agreement between MPAC and the township was also updated.
The meeting went back into camera to finish the closed portion.


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