Schreiber Media Centre Recruits Volunteers

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Kim Krause, TBS News
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Schreiber Media Centre Recruits Volunteers

The Schreiber Public Library had its first new volunteer take part in the Reading the News programme. Listen to and watch the latest edition.

Ross Vincent is a grade 12 Lake Superior High School student who is going to be studying media in the upcoming new school year. He has been hanging out at the library as a co op student and during his time there had the opportunity to help out around the Media Centre as well. Kim Krause produces the TBS News show for the Schreiber Media Centre and thought that this might be a good opportunity for Ross to get some hands on experience in front of the camera.

He was completely at home ion the role and did a wonderful job reading this weeks edition of the Terrace Bay Schreiber News. Ross did however underestimate the actual time it takes to create the weekly edition and was walked through the process step by step. Once the digital edition is uploaded to the TBS news subscribers site, the first step is to download and reformat the pages for inclusion in the visual production.

There are not that many stories in the rather small weekly but once the main ones to be featured are selected a quick rehearsal takes place followed by a brief discussion about the stories. Then it’s time to roll cameras, or in this case hit record. In order to minimize editing and decrease production time only one camera is used for the recording.

Once the stories have been recorded its off to the edit suite to add in the actual pages from the newspaper that act as a visual aid for viewers. The entire process can be done in an afternoon but attention is paid to show the reader in the best light to help increase confidence and encourage them to return to do more readings in the future. It is hoped that more members of the community will come forward as this project rolls along, showing them the behind the scenes side of a production, as Schreiber Media Centre continues on its mission to recruit more volunteers.


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Video Upload Date: April 18, 2022

Schreiber Community Media is a non profit organization established with the aim of providing media production services and training for the residents of Schreiber and surrounding areas.  Schreiber is located on the north shore of Lake Superior approximately two hours east of Thunder Bay. 

The Schreiber Media Centre is locating in the Schreiber Public Library and includes tools for  recording, live streaming and post production of audio and video. 

Volunteers welcome! 


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