Schreiber receives Auditor's Report and Presentation.

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TWSP Schreiber, Kim Krause
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Schreiber receives Auditor's Report and Presentation.

The Auditors Report is featured in this weeks council meeting. The meeting started with the land acknowledgment and approval for the agenda then jumped right into the report from Grant Thornton. The report highlights the financial position of the municipality as of the previous fiscal year. The presentation started with an explanation of what an Audit is and some of the factors that go into creating a fair and realistic summary of the townships financial position. 
The consolidated statement  presents an overview of assets versus liabilities. These items are usually tied to the operating budget which in itself defines the capital required for operations. Right from the start it becomes apparent that there can be changes along the way and one area of concern is defaults on tax payments and the inability to collect taxes. There is always allowance for these defaults but a balanced budget will allow for those in-discrepancies. Overall the statement reflects that there was little change compared to the previous years with some items showing a reduction in spending and few areas where increases occurred.
The summary concluded that the township of Schreiber was in a healthy position with some concern over uncollected taxes.
The regular council meeting resumed with no questions for Question Period. Then the minutes of the last meeting and the special council meeting were accepted as circulated. Past bank payments and debit orders were approved and ratified.
Unfinished business opened with the approval for payment of the student bursary.
A quote for the updates and repairs to the arena was accepted and a discussion centring around what exactly would be required and what would be done and any extra costs associated within the contract. 
Department reports opened with the treasurers report and the tax right offs for this period. Council expenses followed in the report and were approved with some savings realized due to reductions in conference attendance. Budget variance is seldom understood but refers to differences in what is expected and what actually happens.
Director of Operations report started with an update on the HVAC systems updates at municipal buildings. Some more information regarding the area roof repairs was presented. Difficulties in securing contractors is holding back the process as quotes must be received from potential contractors. This type of work can not be undertaken using local labour as qualifications are defined by the terms of the finance application. Certified contractors are not available in the immediate area and the few that exist are located far from the town which means extra costs associated with travel. Another concern is the start date for the work. The construction season ends in a few months and there is a clause where any temporary repairs could jeopardize the funding for the total amount of work.
Preparation for winter needs to happen during the summer as equipment must be ready and in place when the first storms hit the area. 
The recreation report was interrupted by a discussion about vehicle leasing versus purchasing. 
The Fire Chief report requested an update on the sale of the old truck. 
The recreation department gave an update on the Heritage Day event which seemed to be well received this year. A last minute change of location to the downtown proved to be a positive choice.
Economic development report updated info on the Cruise ship service that is currently undergoing development and expansion. There will be more involvement with the Chamber of Commerce and a push for more businesses to be involved. The Discovery Centre has seen an increase in traffic in it’s first official summer season. A proposal for new signage on the highway is being considered in hope of promoting the new splash pad and Railway Museum at the Discovery Centre.
The Senior Centre report was presented. Membership has nearly reached 400 residents. Programmes have been well attended and the weekly barbecue continues to raise more funds. Other updates from the wish list will be looked at as funding becomes available.
Under communications there was an interest in the NOMA report that has proposed more interaction between communities. 
There was also a request to support a reduction in insurance rates for municipalities.
The meeting then adjourned.


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Video Upload Date: July 27, 2023

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