Schreiber Senior Centre - Seniors on Snow Shoes

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Kim Krause
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Schreiber Senior Centre - Seniors on Snow Shoes

The Schreiber Senior Centre has once again found a unique and healthy way to engage with senior residents of Schreiber.

The Recreation Department of the municipality and the Senior Centre decided to pool resources and purchase around 10 pairs of high tech snow shoes and poles that would be made available to residents of Schreiber. Matt Borutski, who is the president of the Casque Isle Trail Association, together with Senior Centre coordinator Cathy Carlino decided to put together a hike for seniors who were interested in trying out the new snow shoes. Vice chair of the Senior Centre, Edythe Howard, was on hand to help kick off the event that would start at the entrance to the trail, conveniently located at the bottom of the road leading to the sewer plant.

Matt’s patience and genuine concern for the safety of the residents resulted in a safe and enjoyable trip for those in attendance. Kim Krause from the Schreiber Media Centre was on hand to document the event.

Once strapped in to the snow shoes, our intrepid hikers set out to take in the fresh cool air and get in some exercise. Before setting out Mr. Borutski instructed the group on what to do in the event of a fall. Falling down in soft snow is less hazardous to ones health than landing on pavement but it can be trickier to return to an upright position. Within minutes the eager group set out on a scenic tour of just one section of the trail. The outing lasted for around an hour but everyone returned safe and feeling invigorated from the brisk exercise. 

Later in the week Cathy Carline sat down with Matt and Edythe at the Senior Centre to recount the day’s festivities. Matt started out by mentioning that one of the goals of the trail association is to get more people out onto the trail and generally promoting the health aspects of being more active. This is especially important to seniors and especially in the long winter months when the chance to actually go outdoors can be very limited by the harsh winter conditions.

Edythe also mentioned that some of the participants had never been on snow shoes before and yet even their advanced years never hindered their enthusiasm. Claudio Chiarot and Ted Jordan were also on hand to help Matt in ensuring everyones safe return.

Matt is hoping now the repair work has been completed on the trail, that more people will start to take advantage of the beauty of the trail in the spring. He also hopes to involve the seniors in association with local snow shoe artist Kim Assmussen in helping promote Schreiber as the snow shoe art capital of the North Shore. 


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Video Upload Date: March 29, 2022

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