TBS news Ep. 7 April 26, 2022

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Kim Krause, TBS News
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TBS news Ep. 7 April 26, 2022

There has been a growing interest in the Schreiber Library’s “read the news” programme. Last week the high school students got to see their efforts presented during the final class of the intro to media workshop. A lot of positive comments were received with the majority centring around how much different the final product looks compared to the initial recordings. Logistically the students are n to able to participate in this round of readings as the high school is in Terrace Bay and the studio sessions are in Schreiber but it is hoped that a few of the students will be available once the summer holidays kick in and exams are completed. The “Past Stories” segment has proved quite popular and it is quite an eye opener to rediscover these stories and see how some of the same issues are still present or in some cases how current changes had arisen thanks to effort from the past. This week archive story centred around the early works of the trail committee and it is interesting to note that over 25 years later, the now named “Casque Isle Trail” has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the north shore area. The archiving of the towns history is important in not only being able to see what went into current projects but how new ideas can be developed that will have an impact on future generations. The TBS news provides a valuable service in creating these stories and the library’s role as curator shows how organization can work together to contribute to the fabric of small communities in rural areas.


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Video Upload Date: May 13, 2022

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