TBS News Used for High School Workshop

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Kim Krause, TBS news
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TBS News Used for High School Workshop

The Terrace Bay Schreiber News Reading Programme at the library has reached another milestone.

This week's video edition was postponed by a few days in order to conduct an experiment. Not only has the show gotten a makeover with green screen backdrop for graphics, but it has been chosen as the test project for a high school workshop. At the workshop students were given the opportunity to present and direct as each person took a turn in the first step in producing a news story. The students took part in a discussion about the importance of supporting community newspaper and the role the weekly plays in sharing information with the community. This was also the first edition that was made public to gauge reaction to the show.

It had been agreed that the show would only be available to digital subscribers as to not affect the sales of the newspaper but after a very successful run of six weeks, it was thought it would be time to get some stats and see if public interest might start to drive sale for the newspaper.

To date there have been over 170 views of the show which is in line with the average number of views other stories get on the SMC YouTube site. It will be interesting to repeat his experiment again in a few months. The material from the student workshop will be compiled and presented at the final day of the workshop and a short story will be edited at the end of the sessions for contribution to the SMC site. 


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Video Upload Date: April 29, 2022

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