Terrace Bay Council Holds last Meeting of September

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TWSP Terrace Bay, Kim Krause
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Terrace Bay Council Holds last Meeting of September

Terrace Bay council meetings tend to be rather short, usually under 30 minutes. This one started with the standard land acknowledgement followed by the approval of the agenda. Then, the minutes of the previous meeting were presented and accepted.

Treasurer Dan Mulligan presented council with purchase offers for various properties. A total of nine properties are to be sold off including six business properties in the downtown core. The offer was accepted with conditions in place that the business properties must be opened within a 3 year period.

The final budget plan was discussed during an update from Treasurer Mulligan. Council was pleased with the report.

Director of Operations Ryan Falzeta approached council to seek approval of touchscreen replacement parts that allow for remote controlling of the water treatment plant. Currently the operation has to be done manually due to failure of the previous unit. The request was approved.

Community development manager Luke Bedard presented his summary of the swimming pool attendance for the final part of the summer season. Attendance was on par with previous years despite the weather not always being conducive to outdoor swimming. The outdoor pool is now closed for the next 8 months.

Council approved the raising of the Franco Ontarian flag on September 25th to commemorate Franco Ontarian Day. 

All bylaws arising from this meeting were then passed and there were no questions for question period. The meeting was then adjourned with no in camera meeting scheduled.

The next meeting of council will happen on October 2nd.


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Video Upload Date: September 20, 2023

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