Terrace Bay Passes bylaw to approve property tax levy.

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TWSP Terrace Bay, Kim Krause
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Terrace Bay Passes bylaw to approve property tax levy.

August is always a quiet month for municipal politics. It is often the last month of summer and the last chance to recharge and take a break from activities until the fall. Meetings are usually brief if they happen at all. This meeting of the Terrace Bay council was extremely short with very few items on the agenda. 
After the traditional land acknowledgement the update to the agenda was put forward for acceptance. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented. 
First item up was the CAO update on the sale of the old fire truck. The sale price of @25,000 will be transferred to the fire department reserves.
The strategic plan update will be circulated to the public and staff members for consideration. In the past only around 10% of the population have responded but it is hoped there will be more response this year as Terrace Bay has identified new projects and concerns for the next few years.
The AMO delegation has been updated. Meetings with ministers to discuss housing have been added to the agenda.
The bylaw to finalize the property tax levies has been approved and carried.
The community development report focussed on repairs to the arena and it is hoped that all outstanding work will be completed before the new season.
The inclusive community grant has been submitted and if approved will allow for better mobility around the town and the new beachfront area. 
Under communications, a letter to support a community safety initiative will be sent to the relevant municipalities.
There were no questions for question period.
All bylaws were then approved and the meeting was moved to in camera to discuss confidential matters.


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Video Upload Date: August 9, 2023

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