Terrace Bay selling surplus property

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TWSP Terrace Bay, Kim Krause
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Terrace Bay selling surplus property

This weeks Terrace Bay council meeting was rather brief with only 2 councillors and the mayor in attendance. Typically council breaks during the summer period except for situations such as emergency planning or 'in camera' sessions or special council meetings that address one topic such as finalizing the budget.

After the Land Declaration the meeting opened with the acceptance of the minutes of the previous meeting. Two items were moved in the agenda to accommodate a small delegation.

The Administration report first finalized the plans and people attending the AMO conference. The August meeting schedule was also set out. There will only be one canceled meeting in August due to the attendance of the conference.

The next item up was the declaration of surplus property and the sale of the two lots mentioned. Currently the sites are empty after the township had the buildings demolished due to them being declared uninhabitable. Realtor Wendy Krystia handles sales of municipal property and will be posting them on her site. There is a sales stipulation in place to ensure that the property not be bought on speculation and must be developed within a certain timeframe. Recreation Director report brought forward an item regarding an interested party leasing some land from the municipality. The property would be used for a remote controlled (RC) race track for a nominal fee. This was in reality a formalization as hobbyists had been using the empty lot for some time. The bylaws from this meeting were approved and carried then the meeting was moved to in camera to discuss remaining items in private.


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Video Upload Date: July 19, 2023

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