Thousands of Montrealers March to Protest Bill 31 and to Demand the Resignation of Quebec's Housing Minister.

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Thousands of Montrealers March to Protest Bill 31 and to Demand the Resignation of Quebec's Housing Minister.

Thousands of Montrealers gathered in front of Papineau station and marched to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing offices to protest Bill 31 on August 31.

The Quebec Government recently proposed Bill 31, which would allow landlords to refuse lease transfers. Lease transfers help tenants regulate rent increase and prevent discrimination against some tenants. The bill was first proposed by the Minister of Housing France-Élaine Duranceau in June. 

Duranceau said if tenants want to conduct lease transfers, they should invest in property themselves. She went on to say that tenants have been misusing lease transfers for their benefit. Since stating these comments, Duranceau has apologized.

Bill 31 also prevents evictions by placing the burden of proof on landlords. If tenants don't respond to an eviction notice, it is to be assumed the tenant has refused the eviction. The landlord will then have to take this situation to the housing tribunal. At this time, if a tenant doesn't respond to an eviction notice it is assumed they have accepted the eviction.

Community organizations and Montrealers came together to protest Bill 31, demand the resignation of the Minister of Housing France-Élaine Duranceau, and to impose a rent freeze. 

The event was organized by various Montreal organizations including Front de lutte pour un immobilier populaire; P!NK BLOC Montreal; Comité logement Plateau Mont-Royal; Rage climatique; Syndicat des locataires autonomes de Montreal (SLAM); Industrial Workers of the World (IWW); Comité d'action du Parc-Extension (CAPE); Comité logement Rosement and Organisation populaire des droits sociaux.

Local 514 followed the protest, moving from the village to the plateau, as protesters cheered, CUTV spoke with different community groups. 


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Video Upload Date: August 27, 2023

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