Local Journalism Initiative Impact

The design and launch of the Community Media Portal has been funded by the Local Journalism Initiative (the LJI) of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Under the LJI, over 100 journalists have been placed in underserved communities and asked to produce civic content that underpins Canadian democratic life.

On this page, LJI journalists share stories about the impact their content is having on the democratic life of their communities. If you would like to comment on a story you have seen on the Portal or on its impact, please Log In or Register for an account.


The Rejuvenation of Community TV and Its Impact in Fredericton

The availability of studio space in Fredericton has sparked a rejuvenation of community engagement and creativity, as local residents are now eager to produce community TV shows once more. This newfound access to studio facilities has reignited the passion for storytelling and broadcasting within the community. From heartwarming human interest stories to informative local programs, individuals are coming together to bring their unique perspectives to life through television.

The development of Montreal's New Transit System Comes with an Ecological Cost

Montreal’s light rail transit system, the Réseau express métropolitain, is developing a station next to one of the city’s most biodiverse parks. Part of the RÉM will tunnel under Technoparc, where multiple sinkholes have occurred since development began.

Local 514 looks into the risk the development not only poses for Technoparc, but in Montreal’s efforts to avoid climate catastrophe.

BCM's Spotlight on Barrie: Addressing Addiction, Homelessness, and Indigenous Matters Through Journalism

Local journalism serves as the community's eyes and ears, highlighting issues that often go unnoticed or misunderstood on larger platforms. At BCM, we've not only covered these issues but have also been a catalyst for change and understanding.

Last quarter we hosted a panel discussion addressing the acute addiction issues that disproportionately affect Indigenous communities. The dialogue was inspired by the report "Getting to Tomorrow," a collective effort by the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, John Howard Society, Indigenous Harm Reduction Network, and the Gilbert Centre. 

Donner du pouvoir à la communauté : initiative d'éducation intégrée et de journalisme civique de TVC22

Dans le cadre de sa reprise post-pandémique, TVC22, une station de télévision communautaire bilingue, intègre l'éducation à sa plateforme de communication et de diffusion.

Izabela Daszkiewicz – Initiative de Journalisme Local

Désormais, les étudiants, les nouveaux venus dans l'industrie, les bénévoles, ainsi que d'autres employés, ont la possibilité de collaborer étroitement au sein de TVC22. Cela leur permet d'apprendre à manier le matériel audiovisuel et d'acquérir des compétences qui les accompagneront tout au long de leur vie professionnelle.

LJI Program Impact - Local Schools Adopting Content Into Curriculum; Inspiring Other Communities to Create Video Content

The coverage of the annual Elder's Gathering at Pinehouse Lake Saskatchewan is a showcase of traditional Treaty Ten lifestyles and practices. Documenting the elder's perspectives and stories of life in the past and modern day challenges with our format was well received and appreciated. Students, families and elders were invited from the Treaty Six and Eight territories which made the gathering a successful exchange of cultures of the Metis, Cree and Dene.

CHCO-TV Featured In WIRED Magazine

CHCO-TV is featured as the lead profile in WIRED Magazine's article "Meta’s News Block Causes Chaos as Canada Burns" by Tracey Lindeman on August 28, 2023. The feature story looks at how Meta's decision to block news sites in Canada in response to Bill C-18 is impacting newsrooms across the country, especially in times of wildfires when information in critical. 

The article opens by describing how CHCO-TV has effectively used Facebook to keep its rural Southwest New Brunswick informed for years:

CHCO-TV Receives Employer Recognition Award From InclusionNB

During Disability Awareness Week 2023 in New Brunswick, CHCO-TV, an independent community television station based in St. Andrews, NB, received the 2023 Employer Recognition Award from InclusionNB for their role in the community working with both volunteers and paid employees with disabilities.

Empowered by love for humanity

I'm Sherry Soltani, from Skyrise Media Society, a journalist with LJI. Over the past three months, my programs have resonated strongly with viewers, generating numerous impactful stories that I'm covering for the Farsi-speaking community in the Lower Mainland of BC.

Among them, the exploration of Systematic Racism and Racism stood out as the most influential.

Grandparent Scams in Farsi

I'm Majid Mahichi of Skyrise Media, and a recent addition to the Cactus journalism team. My focus revolves around collaborating with the community to tackle civic issues in BC.

A significant concern we've been addressing is raising awareness among Vancouver area residents about scammers who attempt to exploit people in various ways.

This episode reached a wide audience through various social media platforms and the Shaw multicultural channel, garnering a substantial viewership.

Victoria Nanneti Impact Statement

I would like to submit the impact statement of one of our community members, Victoria Nanneti, who progressed form summer student to news reporter to seeing this experience develop into a career path.

New Westminster Mayor Commends NewWest.tv for Covering Council and Providing Background and Analysis to Issues

During the first three months as a journalist intern, I have looked at various ways we can help local residents be more aware of what is happening in their city. One of the most successful regular reports is our bi-weekly coverage of the city council meetings. By focusing in on issues that are of particular interest to the residents of New Westminster, I have engaged our viewers in dialogue about housing, rent control and most importantly how to adapt to the increase in heat events in our city.

L'impact du journalisme local donne le courage à des chasseurs de faire entendre leur voix

Le reportage sur les feux de forêt de Lebel-sur-Quévillon de l’été dernier a inspiré un regroupement de chasseurs pour faire entendre leur voix.

Guylaine Beauchemin - Initiative du journalisme local

L’équipe de MédiaT s’est rendue à Lebel-sur-Quévillon l'été dernier pour constater l’ampleur des feux de forêt. Sur le terrain et en hélicoptère, des images ont montré la dévastation du territoire. Ce reportage, inattendu, a joué un rôle crucial dans l'unification d’une communauté de chasseurs.

La population de la MRC de Portneuf à la rencontre  d’un nouveau type de médias soit un réseau civique avec l’aide des journalistes de l’IJL.

La population de la MRC de Portneuf a découvert le nouveau visage civique de Clic-Porneuf avec l’aide des journalistes de l’IJL. Deux reportages en particulier ont permis la reconnaissance de plus en plus évidente de toute l’équipe. Clicportneuf.TV est devenue un nom qui se répand comme étant un média civique, local et professionnel.

Chantale Lépine – Initiative du journalisme local

Gabriel Meissner Focus Volunteer - Impact Story

My name is Gabriel Meissner, and I am a student from the Humber College Film Program. I became a volunteer at Focus Media Arts in April, for my internship, where I would record various events (SDP meeting, Regent Park police quarterly meeting, Art Heart celebration, etc.), co-host a podcast about news on the Toronto East Side, and conduct interviews. In mid-May, I made a video about the Allan Gardens Encampment, and the neighborhood petition to have it removed.

Common Threads are Ties That Bind for Maritime LJI Stations

ST. ANDREW'S, NEW BRUNSWICK - There might not seem to be much in common between the southern Cape Breton region of Isle Madame and a New Brunswick community that counts Grand Manan Island and Campobello Island among its points of interest.

But those involved with the Local Journalism Initiative (LJI) at  Telile Community Television in Arichat, N.S. and CHCO-TV in St. Andrews, N.B. see it differently - and they have been working cooperatively since early 2021 to show their viewers the ties that bind these two seemingly-disparate Maritime regions together. 

Cape Breton-Canso MP Praises Telile News Team for High Journalism Standards

ARICHAT - The Member of Parliament for Cape Breton-Canso is no stranger to the Telile Community Television headquarters in Arichat, particular since the station's participation in the Local Journalism Initiative (LJI) program dovetails with Mike Kelloway's entire political career and covers nearly the same four-year period. 

The Impact Of Local Journalism in Northwest Saskatchewan; Opening Doors & Creating Conversation

The Arctic Winter Games 2023 were hosted in Wood Buffalo/ Fort McMurray Alberta, after a postponement due to the pandemic. The congregation of circumpolar communities and nations, to engage in sport and cultural activities, is hosted every 2 years in various communities and is governed within the international Arctic Council. The local journalist and two young volunteers attended the opening ceremonies and some of these world class events.

Empowering the Diaspora: The Impact of Community Station on Ukrainian Canadian Identity

Once upon a time in the vibrant city of Winnipeg, a tight-knit Ukrainian Canadian community thrived amidst a multicultural tapestry. This community was known for its rich cultural heritage, but there was something missing - the lack of a platform to express themselves in their native Ukrainian language.

U Multicultural believes in the power of language to connect communities. Thanks to that the Ukrainian Canadian community finally had a space to share their stories, history, and experience in Ukrainian.

Lights, Camera, Action: Community Station's Media Training Adventure

"Community Hour" embarked on a mission to empower local communities through media. Recognizing the importance of giving a voice to the people, Community Hour organized media training sessions for community members, teaching them the skills needed to operate cameras, write engaging introductions and interview questions, and creating their own programs.

Perspectives on long-term care promote empathy for low-income seniors

The worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us, and journalists and researchers are now tasked with understanding the lessons of this traumatic collective experience. 

During the last quarter, the NB Media Co-op produced a half-hour talk show — part of our NB debrief series — that examined a disturbing aspect of Canadian society thrust into the spotlight by the pandemic: the crisis in long-term care. 

One researcher who shared her expertise with us has linked more than 22,000 COVID-19 deaths to residential care facilities in Canada. 

Community Connection: 'Random Acts of Rural' Show on Valley TV Leaves Lasting Positive Impact, Boosts Social Media Engagement, and Skyrockets Channel Views

By producing content that resonates with the community, "Random Acts of Rural" has fostered a sense of connection and belonging among our audience. The show's focus on rural areas has shed light on the unique stories, challenges, and triumphs of the local population, igniting a newfound appreciation for rural communities and their contributions.

Nuclear Waste Plans Divide a Community

Dryden hosted an event to address the implications of the proposed nuclear waste storage facility coming to the region. This presentation offered a platform for experts and community members to engage in meaningful discussions about the negative aspects of nuclear waste. Organized by the Nuclear Free North Alliance, the event aimed to enhance understanding of the complexities surrounding radioactive waste and facilitate informed decision-making on nuclear waste management.

Barrie Community Media's Critical Role in Revealing Barrie City Council's Controversial Homelessness Measures

Deepak Bidwai, LJI journalist and Barrie Community Media's sole reporter, has been diligently tracking the proposed alterations by the Barrie City Council, initiated unexpectedly on May 17th, to tackle the issue of chronic homelessness. Nonetheless, Barrie Community Media (BCM) highlighted that the proposed solutions do little to alleviate homelessness and instead aim to penalize average citizens with fines for aiding the homeless.

CHCO-TV's Youth Volunteers Featured In Japan's Broadcasting Report Magazine

CHCO-TV can now say it is "big in Japan." The independent community television station based in St. Andrews, New Brunswick caught the eye of editors at Japan's Broadcasting Report Magazine who featured the TV station in an article about the power of community television and the involvement of young volunteers in the creation of local programming. Emilio, Oli, and Lukas, all high school students at Sir James Dunn Academy in St. Andrews, were featured in their article.

Telile Provides A Voice for the LGBTQIA+ Community

ARICHAT - Veronica Merryfield remembers how it felt to be uncomfortable in her own body, and she is using platforms such as those provided by Telile Community Television to ensure that no one else has to experience the trauma she felt as a child in the United Kingdom. 

Le fondateur de Télé-Coeur a été honoré à l'Assemblée nationale

Télé-cœur et son fondateur, Stéphane Lévesque, ont été officiellement honorés à l’Assemblée nationale le 30 mai 2023, par le député de Nicolet-Bécancour, Donald Martel, pour leur apport à la communauté du Centre-du-Québec.

Télé-cœur - Initiative du journalisme local

Aux dires même du député provincial, Télé-cœur est devenu devenue une source incontournable d’informations locales. Stéphane Lévesque s’est dit ému par cet hommage, lui qui considère que son travail est des plus stimulant.

LJI Coverage of Rural Municipalities Drives Civic Engagement

One of the first areas that the Local Journalism Initiative allowed was Neepawa’s NACTV to expand was into the adjacent municipalities, enabling the station to cover not only the municipal council meetings for Neepawa itself but also the Municipality of North Cypress-Langford and the Rural Municipality in Rosedale. Both municipalities have seen a rise in engagement over the past year thanks to LJI coverage of the issues that the respective Councils are tackling, bringing what was once behind closed doors in the Council chambers into the homes of residents.

Local Journalist Placement Benefits Rural Communities

As I write this report I took some time to ponder on the role of a journalist, specifically how rural communities can benefit from having access to the services of a journalist. A journalist can be defined as a person who is responsible for the collection and dissemination of news or information. Improvements in technology have led to an increase in the availability and consumption of media, yet there is a danger that much of the information being distributed might underline hidden agendas and lead to an increase in misinformation.

La Télévision communautaire des Érables a permis la diffusion en direct de séances de consultation publique

La persévérance de l’équipe journalistique de la Télévision communautaire des Érables (TVCE) a permis la diffusion en direct des séances de consultation publique sur l’éventualité d’une fusion municipale entre la Ville et de la paroisse de Plessisville. Refusée au début, les demandes de diffusions ont été approuvées par les maires concernés et ont eu un impact positif pour la population locale.